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Quora dating questions

quora dating questions

the question address into the "Check" search field. Question: Who decides if my answer gets accepted? Question: How long does a question stay open? Answer: It's at your discretion whether the answer is satisfactory. Answer: The bounty explodes and is no longer valid. Question: How do I check if my question is answered? Question: Can multiple people answer the same question? Question: How do I check if my answer was accepted?

quora dating questions

Answer: Posting is free, but you pay a bounty upon answer acceptance. Answer: You can look for payment or use the "Check" search field. Answer: They are stored in the Tangle. Question: Where are the questions and answers stored?

Question: How much does it cost to post a question? Answer: It's a todo list with iota rewards. Question: How do I decide whether to accept an anwser? Answer: It's up to the questioner whether to accept an answer. Question: Why is a webgl2 browser needed? Question: What happens if there's a snapshot? Answer: It's used to do Proof of Work. Answer: Open an issue on github here. Question: How do I answer a question? Answer: It's a question and answer site with an iota payment layer. Question: My browser doesn't support webgl2? Answer: Questions expire at the next iota snapshot.